October 20, 2011

Ava Elizabeth is here!

On August 11th 2011, our precious baby girl came into our world. After a very quick delivery (even quicker than her big brother Joshua's delivery), Ava Elizabeth Walter was born at 6:34pm and weighed 7lbs 1oz and was 19 inches long. I waited a very long time for her to come into my life and now she is finally here. She is everything I imagined her to be and more. She is my dream that came true!

Nick, the boys, and I have been adjusting to life with a princess in the house. The boys are very fond of their baby sister and will do anything for her. They are all such big helpers in there own way. Nicholas loves to hold and snuggle her in his arms. I love the way she looks up at him. I have a feeling that she will look up to him for the rest of her life and that alone makes my heart smile. Joshua, when he isn't glued to the televsion or his Nintendo DS, will say "Hey Ava!" or "Mom, Ava's crying." He has his loving moments with her, but doesn't make a big to-do about having a baby sister. Maybe he will be the one that "keeps her grounded". Noah loves his new baby sister, but is still having a tough time with the transition of going from baby to big brother. He will still ask us to carry or hold. As a matter of fact, when he came to visit Ava and I at the hospital the first thing he said was, "Mom, now you can carry me!" Noah is very good at putting (actually it's more like shoving) Ava's pacifier in her mouth when she is crying (which she does lots of thanks to a lil something called colic). I'm not sure why, but she takes it just nicely from him!

So now we are a family of six! Nick and I are very blessed to have healthy and beautiful babies. My life is complete with my three boys and my one, and only, baby girl! I am now looking forward to all the memories we will create and share together.

Ava Elizabeth Walter 
Daddy falling in love for the second time in his life!
Daddy's Little Girl 
Big Brother Joshua holding Ava for the first time.
Big Brother Nicholas holding Ava for the first time.
Baby Girl! 
Grandpa Bob and Grandma Connie meeting Ava for the first time.
Noah seeing his baby sister for the first time.
Noah holding Ava for the first time.
Looks like someone else is going to be wrapped around her little finger!
Princess Ava!
Tia Katy meeting Ava for the first time.
Mommy and her babies!
Going home!

Ava and her big brothers!